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As a child, the world was truly a place of Magic, Miracles and Mystery. I saw things differently than others, although for a while I didn’t realize this. I thought everyone saw things as I did. Trying to explain to other people what I was experiencing and seeing caused many problems.

How do you tell people that you can see a dark mass of energy on a specific part of their body? Or that their light body is oozing light? Or that you could tell when they were lying?

And then there was my concept of the world. To me there was a time before now….
     a time that was older than now….
            lost to most. 

A time when we were all aware of our connection to a greater whole. To something bigger than us.
And a connection to the seasons….
      the cycles and rhythms of the land.
              A connection to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants….
                       animal, plant and mineral.
And a connection to the unseen forces and energies around us. Those who had lived before and those who would come after. There where the energies of the plants, trees, rocks and stones and then there was the energy of the ephemeral illusive higher beings we usually only got glimpses of.

This was my world while growing up in a world dominated by specific religious beliefs, fears and taboos.  It wasn’t easy growing up different than others. On the rare occasions I let my guard down, ridicule and taunting followed.


 I soon learned to keep most of what I perceived and saw to myself. There were those in my family and friends who were on the same “page”. And I learned much from them.

From my grandfather the “bee whisperer” who taught me to honor and communicate with the bees, to my grandmother who sent me on a Vision Quest at 16, my psychic mother and the herbalist in the woods who showed me how to listen to the plants. There was the Archangel Michael who appeared regularly to me as a child. And while living in Louisiana, secretly watching voodoo rituals back in the bayous, even though it was risky. In my twenties, I led ancient rituals in the mountains of San Bernardino with a coven of pagan practitioners. 


I studied with Helen Bangs, Hank Wesselman and Uncle George Lanakilakeiliahiali’i Naope, Etua Lopez and John Ka’imikaua in Hawaii, a women in the back areas of South America and a Maori medicine man, learning more about aboriginal teachings. All of these souls and more helped me to learn more and more about the unseen world of both spirit and the auric field of energetic beings.

Considered to be the “Energy Muse”, authorized as a facilitator of “Shamanic Journeys”, a Spiritual Counselor and Minister, I lead workshops and retreats noted for their down to earth and matter of fact approach to the magic and mystery of the universe. Extremely experiential, attendees walk away with a connection to themselves, their soul and the source of all energy.

Living my life as I did, I wanted to assist others in experiencing and seeing the world of magic, It is my belief that all of us have the ability to see and experience energy which then gives us a way to connect with ourselves, others and Spirit.

My path is to help others improve their lives by discovering the Magic, Miracles and Mysteries of Spirit, to co-create with Spirit and create the lives they desire.


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