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N.L.P. w/Spirit


N.L.P w/ Spirit© (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
A revolutionary new approach to N.L.P

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August 28-29, September 25-26, October 23-34, November 13-14

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Detailed Summary

Something has always been missing in N.L.P. trainings – the 4th dimension of man – Spirit. Man is a holistic being and we’ve left out the most important element. N.L.P. w/Spirit© is a marriage of the latest advances in mind discoveries, quantum physics and the ancient knowledge of spirit and energy. Leaving out any one of these leaves the student or client unbalanced.


Much of N.L.P. has been considered manipulative. The one piece that takes N.L.P. out of the “control” paradigm has been missing – that piece is Spirit.


Now N.L.P. w/Spirit© brings into N.L.P. the bridge between Spirit and man to work with the whole being. N.L.P. w/Spirit© brings in the element of integrity and working for the highest good of all concerned.


As well as using the tools of N.L.P., we’ve added an entirely new realm of working with the self or others utilizing the energy of the universe—the force that runs between us.


  • Want to take an N.L.P. training that treats man/woman as a holistic being?


  • Want to make a real difference in your life or in others?


  • Want to fully grasp and understand how the Universal Laws work so you can be, do and have whatever you choose?


  • Want to take your previous training in N.L.P. to a whole new level?


Then this is the training you’ve been waiting for.

N.L.P. w/Spirit©

World-renowned trainer in N.L.P., metaphysics, shamanism and energy, Debra Fentress is launching a whole new approach to N.L.P.


N.L.P. w/Spirit© !

What you will learn and Certifications

Specific N.L.P. skills covered:

            Sensory Acuity



            Representational Systems


            Language Patterns




            Basic Interventions






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** Payment plans available. Please
email or call us at (818) 422-2474 (USA) for more information.


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