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Lessons of the Shamanic Masters™


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Detailed Summary of Core Training Lessons of the Shamanic Masters™

Why attend Lessons of the Shamanic Masters©?   What will I learn?
How is it structured?
 What kind of people should attend?
So what if I attend Lessons of the Shamanic Master's ©, what then?

Why attend Lessons of the Shamanic Masters©?


There is a movement sweeping the planet right now---a return to the original teachings. Many have a knowing that there is more than what they are experiencing and that the answers may be in the ancient teachings.


People want to:


  • Know about the nature of reality
  • Discover their purpose
  • Gain a spiritual understanding of the world
  • Understand how to connect with that greater "something"
  • Develop Personal Power as well as Personal Empowerment
  • Learn the hidden ancient healing practices of the Hawaiian medicine man from our Hawaiian Kahuna Lopaka
  • To discover their True self…..their soul!  

Shamanism!!!........the oldest spiritual practice known to man.


Every single culture in the world has practiced shamanism in some aspect.


Shamanism is so widely used and intrinsic to the culture that it may be a genetic memory. We connect to it because it connects to our souls. Shamanism goes beyond lineage.……..it's a part of us


"Connects you to the universe and yourself so that your Soul is freed."

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What will I learn on Lessons of the Shamanic Masters©?

The History and Origins of Shamanism

  • Discover the origins and roots of shamanism

The Structure of the Ordinary and Non-ordinary Realities 

  • Harnessing the power of your unconscious mind
  • Journeying on the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds
  • Communication with the spirit world
  • Accessing information from the elements, mineral, animal and plant kingdoms
  • Meeting your power animals and guides

Working with Energy

  • Breathing techniques for increasing your "mana"
  • How to utilize energy to generate change in the "field"
  • Working with the Unified Field
  • Depossession of negative energy


  • Soul Retrieval/ Spirit Releasement
  • Extraction of harmful energies from the body
  • Hawaiian Healing Practices
  • Reading another's aura (energy field)

Shamanistic Rituals and Practices

  • Shapeshifting
  • Drumming and Rattles
  • Chanting
  • Meditation
  • Ancient Hawaiian Rituals to the Goddess Pele 

Field Trips to Places of Power and Energy

  • Connect with ancient energies and experience the power of the ancestral spirits
  • Learn of the different traditions of the indigenous tribes of the world


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Walking the Crater of Kilaua in honor of the Goddess Pele



How is Lessons of the Shamanic Masters© structured?


Lessons of the Shamanic Masters© is a highly experiential training. You'll practice everything you learn in exercises and experiences involving the entire group, small groups, one-to-one and individually. There will be time each day for meditation and guided visualization. The trainings are held at different places around the world at a places of natural energy enabling you to connect with the elements in our surroundings. There will b a field trip to ancient places of energy and power during the training to enable you to connect with the energy of the planet. When possible, we will conduct ancient rituals of the Shamanic Masters.

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What kinds of people should attend Lessons of the Shamanic Masters©?



  • Anyone interested in their own Spiritual and Personal Development.
  • Students who have studied NLP, Hypnosis or Time Line Therapy and want to integrate what they have learned with more spiritual areas.

  • People who have already studied esoteric or spiritual systems and want to advance their knowledge of ordinary and non-ordinary realities.
  • Healers and other Alternative therapist who want to broaden their the depth of their knowledge to assist their clients.
  • Anyone who is curious enough to want to begin to discover the hidden depth of the world we live in and their place in it.
  • Anyone who wants to free their soul from the "trappings" of the Middle World

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So, what if I attend Lessons of the Shamanic Master's© what then?


You'll understand the universe we live in and your purpose for being here. Many people's experience with Shamanism gives them a greater sense of themselves and how they create their reality.


Your life will take on a new meaning as you gain the knowledge of the connectedness to all things and people. You'll find a greater awareness of your surroundings and others as well as intuition from within.


Instead of feeling alone, you'll find you "walk in the footsteps of the Shamans before you" carrying their knowledge forward.




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What you will learn in other Ancient Wisdom Modern Magic™ Modules
Other modules deepens your level of understanding of the shamanic work. These workshops focus on more specific techniques and broaden your knowledge base, building off of our basic workshop.                                              
  • Healing Work
  • Native American healing
  • The Calling of a Shaman
  • Working with the Kapuna (the ancestors):
  • Hawaiian forgiveness and release work: Ho’oponopono
  • Connecting with your own personal guardians the Amakua
  • Meeting your Higher Self
  • How to use Vibrational Healing to alter the DNA
  • Advanced soul retrieval
  • Extraction
  • Contemporary shamanism -----Practicing shamanism in our world
  • Advanced Soul Flight---using it as a tool
  • Divination
  • Enhancement of sensory and psychic awareness
  • Cloaking
  • Deeper connection and Healing work with the elemental devas
  • Spirit Healing
  • Secret teachings of the Tarot
  • Kundalini awakening
  • Advanced Psychopomp--Become a “Soul Walker
  • Removing “structures” from a person’s energetic field





United States,
Hawai'i dates

Lessons of the Shamanic Masters™

Dates: TBA



Pricing and Specials**

In order for our Kahuna Lopaka to be with us during the workshop, it was
necessary for us to change our workshop dates to July 16 – 21. 
Because of this you get even greater savings!
Kauai 2011
    Make sure you check out our Early Registration Price!
    New Students Returning Students
Kauai, HI



** Payment plans available. Please email or call us at (818) 422-2474 (USA) for more information.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:
Our specialized experiential workshops are kept to a certain number of people for your benefit. Canceling or rescheduling makes it very difficult for us because we must reserve workshop space far in advance of the training. We know that sometimes circumstances prevent your ability to attend and we make every effort to make the situation a win/win for all.
90 + days from start of workshop—full refund minus $100.00 administrative fee which is applicable to any future workshop
60-90 days from start of workshop—50% refund and other half applicable to any future workshop
0-60 days from start of workshop—full credit applicable for future workshops


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