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Fierce Spirit

Fire! Courage! Passion!

Do you want to know and live your truth?

To be the heroine or hero of your life and stand in your power?

To always listen to your heart and your soul?

If so, then you may be a Fierce Spirit who has hidden your gifts from yourself and others!

We often give so much to others that we forget about ourselves. We ignore the nudges and unhappiness because we may be dependent on others or have put ourselves in caretaker roles.

     Or we followed a path which seemed to work for awhile but now we’re left with a hollow feeling.

How do you know you’re a Fierce Spirit hiding out?

Are you tired of getting up everyday and repeating the same schedule over and over. But, it doesn’t feed your soul….
      there’s no joy…..
                 no fire.

You do what you’re supposed to do, have to do, need to do but not what you want to do.

Or you don’t even know what you want to do. Maybe you’ve locked that part of yourself away for so long….given up on your dreams….ignored your yearnings that you’ve forgotten what they were.

You’ve stayed small or made yourself invisible to keep peace or to avoid hurting someone else.

Maybe you’re in a situation where you can’t see a way out. The rent or mortgage has to be paid, food to be bought, medical expenses and all the other everyday drains on our money, our energy and our souls until there is nothing left for you!!

You’re in a relationship that is sucking the life out of you and you don’t know how to get out or what you would do if you did.

You feel stuck with no direction.

You have little successes but still not getting what you want.

                 You know something is missing from your life….you just don’t know what.

And you want to own your life.


Why Does This Happen?

  • We stop trusting ourselves….stop listening to that small voice inside us.
  • We’ve made bad choices and are afraid we’ll do it again.
  • We take on roles and identities that we think will work at the time only to get caught up in them.
  • We’ve become disconnected from ourselves and our soul. There is a loss of purpose, clarity and trust in ourselves.
  • We want to know why we are here….who we really are….what is our purpose.

And it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a longing inside of us….a longing for connection…to be heard….to feel whole.

What we don’t realize is that inside us is a power unlike anything else on the planet. It is our connection to ourselves and our Higher Self.


Fierce Spiritis an awakening to ourselves. To fearlessly face the truths of our divinity and our demons. To stand in our own power, without relying on others for it and bravely create the life we want.

To be heard…..taken seriously. To know, really know, that we are worthy, special,…..we are somebody.

To know why we are here…..what did we come into this life to manifest.

Fierce Spiritis the voice of your soul…..your reconnection to yourself …to your soul……to Spirit.

It’s listening to our hearts and souls……to get quiet and hear the voice of our Higher Self (our connection to the Divine).

No more shoulds, have tos or ought tos. Fierce Spirit is about finding your way…..your sacred self……your purpose and path….what makes you happy.

We didn’t come into this world to be told how to be or what to do. We came to express our truth and to remember who we truly are.

The greatest work you’ll ever do is to discover your “divine-self”. To connect with the nature of your true self.

The greatest gift you can give to the world and yourself is to express who you really are…to connect with Spirit and shine.

It’s a journey of a lifetime…a journey back to finding yourself.


The Fierce SpiritCoaching Program is a 3-month program with 2 calls a month. Each call will run around 2 hrs.

You’ll receive:

  • A free 30 min. call to access what is going on in your life, your relationship with your Higher Self and with your “soul”.
  • 2 calls a month averaging between 1 ½ hrs to 2 hrs each
  • Customized homework to assist you in accessing your Higher Self, learning to listen to your soul, and to find your purpose.
  • Weekly email support for check in, questions or freak-outs.
  • At the end of the 3 months, a review of your successes and Next Level suggestions.

Investment: $1750.00 USD or 3 monthly payments of $600.00 USD

Contact me to talk about how you can be a Fierce Spirit!





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