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 Ammonite "strength" Necklace  Kuan Yin Necklace  Water Spiral Necklace
 Now extinct, the Ammonite mollusk, associated with the mythical creature “Chi Lin” gives one the strength of a species from over 400 million years ago...More...  The gentleness of Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, is joined with the chakra aligning qualities of Kyanite...More...  The Tibetans believe that wearing jewels help us to communicate with the deities...More...
Psychic Intuition White Cinnabar Mermaid Dragon Necklace 
Custom designed to Increase Psychic Intuition and Creativity...More... Created to increase Personal Power and assist in projecting the "real you."..More... Designed with Kundalini energy in mind, this necklace is not for the faint of heart!...More... 
  Dragonfly Totem   
  Created to help you remember that you are a creature of light dancing life into being on a moment to moment basis...More...   
About Milu Designs
Milu Designs brings back the ancient wisdom of the wearing and use of objects as channels of power. From the beginning of time, people have used natural elements to effect change in their worlds.
Amulets, talismans and charms existed in all cultures, with some like the "eye" occurring cross culturally. Until recently, modern man has scoffed at the simplistic thinking of our ancestors. With the recent discoveries in quantum physics that everything in the universe is composed of energy vibrating at different rates, the ancient traditions begin to make more sense on a scientific level.
Since nothing is really solid, only interference patterns, then by the Law of Attraction, we can tune our vibrations to the pattern of what we desire, and pull it to us. Within each of us is a higher power that has the ability to tune into the energy we need for our own personal, spiritual and healing growth.
Wearing Milu Designs Jewelry will assist the wearer in resonating with that energy. Each piece is energized with purpose, power and intention through ancient shamanic techniques. Many have commented they can feel the energy of the pieces just by looking at them. 
The Process:
The stones and natural elements are first cleansed using techniques appropriate to their individual aspects. As each piece is designed for a particular purpose, the materials which will support the desired result are gathered together and a specific intention and energy is created for them. In days past, this would have been called a "spell". We prefer to call it "creating an interference pattern".
As you wear your jewelry, your energy will also charge the elements creating a specific pattern distinctive to you. No one else will derive the same benefit from the piece as you. It becomes a part of you. This is why ancient shamans, healers and seers never allowed others to touch their objects of power.
The pieces can be specially designed for your unique energy and desire. In doing so, you increase the power of the "correct" interference pattern to obtain your purpose.


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