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Here's what some of our students have said about Lessons of the Shamanic Masters©.  

“An inspirational experience which allowed me to interpret myself and life in a new way. This material expands our view of the universe. I would recommend this training to have them “step outside their everyday world and reflect upon their real purpose.”

Keith G. England


“Excellent training with great guidance throughout experiential experience backed with research and facts. I would recommend this training to those wishing to develop their spiritual path, knowledge of self and assistance to others.
Sylvia G. England


“All my life was directed towards attending this training and my soul and spirit were right to want to be here. This training aligned worlds of separation into a united fold. “

Carol S.  England


“This was an excellent training: well balance, in depth and taking knowledge to new worlds. I would recommend this training to others, particularly people in NLP and those on their “path” because it provides both right brain balance to other more let brain teachings.”

Milos S. England


“ This training was well structured, organized with comprehensive shamanic content. Extremely valuable since it game me very useful tools to continue my own growth. I would recommend this training because it will set other on the path to enlightenment and keep them there out of their pure joy in the experience.”

 Patti B. USA 


“Fantastic training held in a loving and sacred space. Everything taught is useful in everyday life. I would recommend this training to others who want to know how to let their soul fly high, be who you really are and unlock your true potential in this world.”

Claire H. England


“This training is Bliss. It’s not just one experience….it’s the whole idea behind it and the build up. I would absolutely recommend this training to all those who know there is something out there worth knowing and experiencing for living a more profound, blissful life.”

Els D. Holland


“Excellent, great teaching and generosity of spirit. Great value for my own personal odyssey. I would recommend this training if you are on a personal quest and looking for a soul approach to personal development. Great experiential training.”

Mike K. London,England

“A profound continuation of the journey started at Level 1. Debra is inspirational and enables you to fully experience the techniques. The material is of immense value both personally and professionally. I would absolutely recommend this training to others.”

Colleen G. England


“One of the best trainings I have experienced. It’s useful for personal and business development. Highly credible base of knowledge well presented. I would recommend this training to others because of Debra’s knowledgeable presentation and the value of the techniques and insights.”

Simon W. England


I want to THANK YOU very much for the most amazing and life-changing course I have ever done.  You may have guessed, I found it to be absolutely brilliant and just the perfect experience for me.  I actually found doing the 2 levels together completely right for where I am at and where I want to go.  What we covered was mind blowingly fascinating.  You have shown me the light and I am truly honored. “

Christina T.  England


“The material from this training can be used daily. Keys are given to keep you in the present and live your life effectively. I would absolutely recommend this training to everyone!”

Heather S. USA 


“Debra has provided a one of a kind vesion quest in this training. My introduction to the ancient secrets and sacred places has brought a permanent rising of my vibrational and spiritual level.”
D. Marcin

“An amazing introduction into a meaningful application of several esoteric tools for personal and spiritual growth! The introduction to thedisciplines and archetypes were elegant and immediately useful.”

“ Great intensive workshop packed with transformative healing in which I was forever changed in a profound way.”

“I’ve done many things and still something was always missing.... It didn’t seem to matter what I did I was still afraid of things, I didn’t know what I wanted or who I was. Then Shamanism came into my life. Suddenly, something clicked back together! I finally don’t feel lost anymore!”

"Everything can be used personally on a daily basis as well as others. This information can keep you in tip top shape. I would absolutely reccomd this training to others! This training will help them find their true self, connect with the powers that be and then shape thier self and their world. "
H. Saline

"This was a profound and life changing experience... out of this world! It is difficult to put a word or to put language to it. The material directly increased my awareness of spirit and essence. This training changed my perception of who I thought I was to more of who I really am and the nature of life. I am thinking about making it a requirement for those that work at a high level in my company."
J. Irvine

"A huge value to my understanding and application of material for myself and others."
T. Tosi

"Very pertinent- I have noticed a distinct positive change in my attitude from the beginning of the week. This training is experiential, supportive and delivered by a trainer who knows her stuff. "
S. Graham


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