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Tools for the Soul


Tools for the Soul©  
An energetic approach to life

This is a one-on-one training with Debra and is not for everyone. In order to find out if you qualify, please email or contact me at
(818) 422-2474.

ENERGY—when you’ve got it, everything is great and when you don’t, life is a drag!! Some people seem to have tons of it and live the life of their dreams. Do you?

Life is for living. Too often we go through our lives unconsciously, as if we’re sleepwalking. We let life happen to us or around us--it becomes a daily struggle.

Do you feel like:

* There’s something out there you’re supposed to be doing?

* There’s more to life than this, but you don’t know what it is?

* Something inside of you is waiting to be expressed?


* As though you’re standing on a precipice waiting to Fly?

Tools For The Soul© is an experience designed to move you to where you are intended to be….both from the aspect of your life’s purpose and from the perspective of your personal, conscious goals in this life.


This is an experience where you absolutely must have actualized the C>E equation of existence. You already know that you are the creator of your universe. Now, you seek the next level of experience where you can begin to “create the fabric of reality for yourself” on a moment to moment to basis.

Wherever we are in life, we are in the process of living on that level. The process is not a means to an end. Rather it is a path to greater and greater levels of enlightenment

Enlightenment in this work means opening ourselves to the Universal energy around and within us, learning to manipulate it and therefore altering our own vibrations to higher and higher levels of consciousness. 

Throughout the ages, secret societies and Mystery Schools have kept this knowledge secret. It was considered profane to share the divine knowledge with the uninitiated.

Utilizing ancient systems of the Tarot, Astrology, Meditation, and Higher Self Therapy combined with the latest discoveries of quantum mechanics, physics, medicine and science, you will learn to harness the universal forces available and experience your life on a different level.

Remember, you are a part of the Universe, a piece of the greater whole. We tend to forget and separate ourselves from the Source and feel like we're out of the flow.

All of life is based on energy—even you and your body. When you learn how to tap into your own energy and manipulate it at will, then you have the ability to express it to manifest your desires—the life you were truly meant to have. As a part of the whole, then all laws and energy of the Universe are available to us. The Hermetic axiom—"As above, so below; as below, so above." (Kybalion) leads us to understand that what happens within us is the same as that outside of us. If we effect change on the inside, then change will occur on the outside as well.

Inside each of us is the Divine Spark. Connecting with this Divinity Within will bring forth the real you—the one that's been hiding and waiting to be released.


Here's what others are saying about these trainings:

Ed. M. ---Professional Speaker--- Lost 45 lbs, increased his business by 60%

"This training allowed me to identify the blocks that were keeping me from getting what I wanted and to align them in such a way that I could go forward and manifest what I wanted. Nobody knows more about energy than Debra!"


Ron.W.—Sales--- discovered his true purpose ----"I got a huge breakthrough which gave me my purpose. I wouldn’t have gotten it if I hadn’t been doing this. I am now motivated and committed to actualizing what I’m here to do."


Jason. I. ---Graduate student--- dealt with an issue that’s plagued him all his adult life-----"The training helped me get real clear that I’m in control of my creation."


Joe. M. --- Investor--- "I know myself better now than I ever have and I can see that I’m manifesting the things I want."



Tools For The Soul© is not about giving you something new from the outside: It's about identifying different archetypal energies inside of you that prevent you from going where you ultimately want to go.  

By identifying these energies and aligning them with your inner self, we weave the conscious and unconscious mind together to take you forward in your life. Without alignment, the energies go in different directions. With this training, you'll be able to control the energies to go in any direction you want.

I can't define it for you—you're the only one that knows where you want to go.

This training is not for everyone. In order to find out if you qualify, please contact me at


(818) 422-2474.

Tools For The Soul© is a 3 – 6 month one on one coaching process. We will email and speak on the phone at least every other week with homework assignments between calls.

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